Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

My SIL and nieces came in town last Thursday night. It was SO nice to see them and have girl time! On Friday we, along with my In-Laws, went to the mall. The girls needed a few things and while there, decided we should have a visit with the Easter Bunny. My mom happened to be at the mall too, so she got to spend some time with us. All was well with C while we waited in the line (he was waving to the bunny!) until he sat on the bunny's lap. I was really surprised he cried b/c he's not normally like that...but he's been sick and had separation anxiety, so probably thought I was leaving him with the giant bunny. We came home and made a huge meal at my in-laws and Susan and Kelly came too! We celebrated Susan's birthday and gave Ken a huge surprise! Helen has planned a trip to Colorado this summer to take him with his grandchildren to his most favorite place in the world. She had shirts made for everyone and they surprised him with the trip. He cried tears of joy and it was a very special time for the family!

On Saturday we had a big lunch and my sister got to come over and spend time with the girls before they headed back to NC. She took tons of pictures of the boys! Then Brian and I were given the afternoon off while my in-laws took the boys!

Sunday morning the boys had a surprise from the Easter bunny when they woke up! They were very excited! We went to church and then had my parents, grandparents and sister over for Easter lunch. My parents got the boys a "jump-o-line" and they had a blast juming around in it. We had a nice lunch my mom made and spend the afternoon outside. Blaire took lots more pictures of the boys! She's becoming a wonderful photographer!!

The weekend was perfect and I already miss my girls! Can't wait to see them next month for Anna's graduation!

Can you say twins?

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