Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

My SIL and nieces came in town last Thursday night. It was SO nice to see them and have girl time! On Friday we, along with my In-Laws, went to the mall. The girls needed a few things and while there, decided we should have a visit with the Easter Bunny. My mom happened to be at the mall too, so she got to spend some time with us. All was well with C while we waited in the line (he was waving to the bunny!) until he sat on the bunny's lap. I was really surprised he cried b/c he's not normally like that...but he's been sick and had separation anxiety, so probably thought I was leaving him with the giant bunny. We came home and made a huge meal at my in-laws and Susan and Kelly came too! We celebrated Susan's birthday and gave Ken a huge surprise! Helen has planned a trip to Colorado this summer to take him with his grandchildren to his most favorite place in the world. She had shirts made for everyone and they surprised him with the trip. He cried tears of joy and it was a very special time for the family!

On Saturday we had a big lunch and my sister got to come over and spend time with the girls before they headed back to NC. She took tons of pictures of the boys! Then Brian and I were given the afternoon off while my in-laws took the boys!

Sunday morning the boys had a surprise from the Easter bunny when they woke up! They were very excited! We went to church and then had my parents, grandparents and sister over for Easter lunch. My parents got the boys a "jump-o-line" and they had a blast juming around in it. We had a nice lunch my mom made and spend the afternoon outside. Blaire took lots more pictures of the boys! She's becoming a wonderful photographer!!

The weekend was perfect and I already miss my girls! Can't wait to see them next month for Anna's graduation!

Can you say twins?

March Madness

I'm a little behind on my posts, so I'll try and recap March. It was a crazy month of sickness for us. C had a sinus infection, while B and Brian both got the stomach bug...all in the same week. Luckily it only lasted about 4 hours for B, but it took a while for Brian to recover. I was super busy working! I made a wreath for a silent auction and then was asked to be a vendor at WeeCycled Wear. So I was trying to take care of the sickly and work at the same time. It was almost impossible, but we made it through. I was to be at the sale for a whole weekend, but the night before it opened, I caught the nasty stomach I thought I avoided. Talk about perfect timing! Luckily I had set up my station and had lots of business cards out, so I felt better knowing that. The bug lasted a few days and I finally started feeling better by Monday. I was just so glad to have that behind us.

The rest of the month we enjoyed the warm weather and played outside as much as possible. Brooks started really wanting to do crafts, so thanks to Pinterest, I had lots for us to do. Once we got past the madness of the month, we had LOTS of fun!

We turned his carseat front facing

Waiting to go into school

B's class Easter party

B's class

B's favorite thing at the moment is blowing bubbles

My sports guy!!

My sick baby...he was so sweet and cuddly

Say "cheese"

Friday, March 9, 2012

18 Months

C turned 18 months on March 4th. It's weird to think that when people ask me how old he is I can either say "18 Months" or "A year and a half". He is climbing even more and now trying to jump off of things. He actually tried to hang from our dining room light fixture one day! His new nickname is "The Monkey Named Spiderman" haha! He's a wild man and has no intentions on calming down.

He had his first real sickness this past week. He had that viral stuff with the fever, cough and runny nose, and on top of that has 3 molars coming in! He didn't feel well for about 2 days, but is much better now! He's still trying to hang on to the clingyness and I'm hoping that fades. Holding him constantly got tiring, but it was nice to cuddle with him since he normally won't sit still for longer than 20 seconds!

The boys are really playing together now and I'm loving it! B includes C in everything he does and is always looking out for him. C has really been into coloring lately and we have many "masterpieces" on the fridge. He tries to do everything B does and says and it's so cute!

He's got a few new words: Car, Orange Juice, Down
He now has all 4 1st molars. I'm ready for the rest of them to come in so this teething business will be over! 

His stats:
Weight: 19lb 3oz; 1% 
Height: 31 1/4 inches; 15%

Doc says he's just got a very high metabolism and isn't worried about his growth. He eats ALL day long and still doesn't gain anything! He can still wear a lot of 9 months clothes...mostly pants, and the rest is 12 months. He's still little bity, but thinks he's a big boy!

He slides down backwards

Sweet Boys

The Monkey Named Spiderman

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Past Few Weeks...

I'm really going to try and keep up with the blogging! It's been super busy around here! Here's whats been going on the past few weeks:

Auntie Blaire and the boys skyping with Uncle Jordan

Yep, C is naked sitting in his toy. He thinks b/c the cars spin, if he sits in it he will spin too Ha!
 2 weeks ago we had my parents over to watch the Giants vs Green Bay game. Giants won! WooHoo!! My Mom and I cooked dinner and we all watched the game...even the kiddos! We had such a great time!

The boys were invited to a sweet friend's birthday at the Children's Museum. It was C's first time there and he had a blast! B sang the ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in the Music room. He was the only one who wanted to sing...probably because he will do anything to see him self on the big screen. Maybe we've got an actor on our hands?

B was "lifting weights"...

...and C watched him.

On the rainy days we had movie days and did some crafts. This is where we discovered C's love of coloring. I never knew a 16 month old could color!! He begs to do it all day, so I've had to put up the crayons for fear of him coloring everything in my house!

 It finally got sunny, and along with that sun came warm weather! We played outside everyday it was warm! B begged me to get the jeep and motorcycle out, so I did and the boys had a blast! C loved riding along with B in the jeep. But when B wanted to drive the motorcycle, I had to drive C around. Can you picture me driving that little jeep Haha! C also learned to go down the slide by himself (well, I would help him up to the tree house b/c I didn't want him to fall) by turning around backward and going down on his tummy feet first! He loved it SO much and we probably did that for 45 minutes straight. I was worn out!!

C is a bit destructive. He also loves to climb. You can see where this is going. I used to be able to let him roam the house freely b/c I put up anything I didn't want him to have. Well, he can now get those things. He will climb on the kitchen/dining room chairs and the onto the tables. He also climbs on top of the couch, chair, and end tables in the living room. I don't know what I was thinking when I said things are getting easier...I jinxed myself! Not only is the climbing getting out of control, but he likes to take things and throw them all over the room. Toys, tissues, clothes, etc. You get the picture.

He climbed on the bed, grabbed the box and proceeded to "blow" his nose on 57 tissues. That's not counting the ones he threw in the trash!!
But he sure can be sweet!!

Watching the boys play together is such a joy!